Twenty-four years ago, I was employed by Jefferson County, Colorado as a full-time environmental and public policy mediator and facilitator.  In that role, I facilitated long-term issues groups discussing various land use proposals (gravel quarries, road locations, landfills, etc.).  One of those major projects was a potential public access shooting range to be located somewhere within the borders of the County.  This Shooting Range Task Development Force and its follow-on group, the Implementation Committee for a Shooting/Sportscycle Combined Facility met for nearly three years.  The final result was a plan for a facility that was mostly never built.  The site selected at that time was already largely occupied by a sportscycle track (as it still is today) – hence the plan for a combined facility.  There was a portion of the plan which involved a relatively small shooting range for use by law enforcement personnel, only.  That facility was constructed on land to one side and above the track and is in use, today.  However, the plans for the multi-use, public access shooting range remained (literally) on the shelf.

At the behest of the County Commissioners, Jefferson County Open Space has revived this issue.  The “Jefferson County 2014 Public Shooting Range Working Group” has been formed.  It is meeting once per month and will report its findings to the Board of County Commissioners in July of this year.   As the Director of Jefferson County Mediation Services, I was asked to form a team to facilitate this group.  Since I facilitated the previous shooting range group, Open Space asked me to be the lead facilitator, this time.  So, I am heading a team of three facilitators who are facilitating the new Working Group.  Its […]