I challenge the Nuggets and Andre Miller to break the logjam and come to the table!

I am a mediator with over 26 years of experience, much of it conducting workplace mediations.  I have sixteen years experience mediating for the U. S. Postal Service REDRESS program (mediating EEO cases between management and workers alleging discrimination in the workplace).  I understand many, if not most, of the nuances surrounding employer-employee conflicts.  I am also a 30-year season ticket holder for the Denver Nuggets professional basketball team.  This means that I have been a devoted fan of that team even longer than I have been a mediator.  Those two important parts of my life could now intersect, if the Nuggets are listening.

Andre Miller is a point guard for the Denver Nuggets, and he is not playing.  Unlike the other two point guards under contact to the Nuggets (who are also not playing), he is not injured.  Rather, he is in a prolonged argument with management.  Like any skilled, long-term professional athlete, he wants to play, so much so that he publically confronted his coach, Brian Shaw, during a game early last month.  Why?  Because the coach made the decision to leave him on the bench for the entire game.  Miller’s career is that of an iron man, playing through fatigue, injury and pain.  In a visceral sense, he could not abide the decision to deny him his life’s blood – basketball.

Brian Shaw is a first-year head coach.  He knows what it’s like to be a player and feel the drive to be on the court.  However, he needs to be in command of his team and to be able to make the moves he feels necessary […]