I am continuing to facilitate the meetings of the Adams County Stormwater Utility Task Force.  This diverse group of 20+ citizens volunteered to serve on this Task Force charged with developing recommendations to be given to the County Commissioners concerning alternatives to the stormwater utility fee as it is presently constituted.  The County Commissioners placed no restrictions on the scope or content of the recommendations they expect.

The first introductory meeting of the Task Force was held on May 22, 2013 and was described in my June 24th article introducing the Task Force and my role as its facilitator.  Since then, five more meetings have been held at intervals during this past summer.  Although various issues have arisen and been discussed by the Task Force members during those meetings, the primary purpose of the first six meetings was to provide relevant information on a wide variety of topics to allow the members to be able to make informed decisions on potential recommendations.

Last Wednesday, on September 11, 2013, the Task Force met for the first time to consider potential recommendations.  There was something of a sense of urgency, since this was the first of only two meetings set aside for this task.  Even so, I thought it best to use a measured approach and told the Task Force that, under my contract, Adams County had retained me to facilitate as many as ten meetings – so they potentially had three more meetings to complete their deliberations, rather than just one.

During the first six meetings, it had become obvious to me that there were a wide variety of opinions among the members of the Task Force on everything from […]