Mediation Training – Molding a Diverse Set of Conflict Resolution Skills


Using these skills as a conflict manager and teaching them to others

During his more than 25-year career, Mark has continually updated his expertise in conflict resolution with a wide variety of trainings and course work.  Since his first basic training in environmental mediation in 1987, Mark has accumulated over 450 hours of training in a diverse list of conflict resolution (and related) disciplines.  In some of these areas, Mark has received several trainings as theory and practice have evolved over the years.  These disciplines include:

Environmental/Land use/Water disputes

Multi-party (for example, work groups)


Family (for example, parent-teen conflicts)

Divorce and child custody

Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence

Victim-offender reconciliation (restorative justice)

Coaching new mediators

Elder Care and Intergenerational Conflict

Citizen – law enforcement conflicts

Agreement writing (as taught by an attorney-mediator)

Management of Community Mediation Centers

Threat assessment

Cross cultural issues

These trainings have stressed a variety of conflict resolution styles, including facilitative, restorative and transformative, among others.  During his career, Mark has had opportunity to mediate and facilitate using many of these styles (often during the same session).  A diverse variety of skills and styles is a key to success in a conflict resolution practice.

Mark has utilized his training to do mediation, facilitation (of groups and meetings), conflict coaching (for example, coaching clients in effective public meeting management) and to develop his own conflict resolution training practice.  Most of Mark’s trainings have been relatively short, overview courses in various aspects of conflict resolution presented to selected audiences such as Postal Service supervisors, federal employees, local government employees, law enforcement professionals, conflict resolution student groups, human resource professionals, attorneys, land use planners, mining industry professionals, and various members of the general public.

Click here to see a detailed list of the conflict resolution trainings Mark has received and those he has presented to others.